Thursday, June 12, 2008


Have any of y'all ever had to call 911? We have on several occasions.

When the girls were babies we lived in an 800 sq ft. two bedroom cottage in Pasadena, CA. We had a little air conditioner that only cooled the area right around it. It would get so hot that I could barely function. We had a little laundry room with a second bathroom that had a fan that sounded like a 747 taking off. We used cloth diapers and the pail was FULL. I had sorted the laundry but left it in piles on the floor in there. There were quite a few dishes piled up and toys everywhere. It was a mess! I had just changed a diaper... we did that in the laundry room because that is where we kept the pail... when the fan in the bathroom made a funny noise. I went in and looked up and as I did it burst into flame and was totally engulfed in a matter of seconds. I tried to toss some water at it and called 911. I could not tell if the fire had spread to the roof or was in the ceiling. While I waited for the fire truck I ran around picking stuff up. When they got there they yelled at me for still being in the house. It was pretty embarrassing.

Another time our kids were playing and Frappacino was pushed off the top of the girls' bunk bed and was knocked out. I didn't want to move her in case her back was injured so we called 911. She was fine but they took all the kids out and let them crawl around the fire truck while they made sure our story lined up with theirs.

Another time Frappacino was in a tree in our front yard and as she slid down to get out her leg got caught in the Y of the tree. I could not free her. I called 911 and told them she was fine but I couldn't get her out and asked them to please not use the sirens. About two minutes later I heard sirens... ugh. Our whole neighborhood came out to watch. The firemen actually had a hard time getting her free. They ended up having to put some kind of thing they filled with air using a hose connected to the truck. I don't know what it was, but it was big and three of them had to hold it up above her while it filled. It then spread the tree apart enough to get her leg free. There had to be 50 or more people standing around gawking. Someone even took pictures.

Soooo... do any of y'all have funny stories about calling 911? Let's hear 'em!!!


noble pig said...

I don't have any 911 stories but yours are very good! Thanks for sharing!

Renee in Seattle said...

I'm laughing at your comment about running around cleaning your house before the firemen got there!!! Too funny! It reminds me of a time when my friends' car was stolen, and I was driving through a neighborhood and actually found their car! While I waited for my friend and the police to arrive I noticed a big mess in the back of the car and thought, "geesh, I'm going to clean that up" and proceeded to open the back door and pick up and arrange a bunch of stuff.... putting my fingerprints all over everything and destroying evidence.... sooooo stupid!!!

Melody said...

Back in the 90's I babysat three kids in addition to my one. So every day I two little girls and two little boys all under 4 years old.

The one little girl drank and ate everything she shouldn't. I had to call poison control several times on her (and give her mom the number when she called one night because she had drank her Tinkerbell perfume.)

But my 911 story happened to her older sister. The oldest little girl was hanging out with me while I put dishes in the dishwasher. I wasn't paying much attention to what she was touching, since she was standing right by me and I didn't realize that dishwashers could be hazardous...yet. All of a sudden she said that her finger was stuck. And it was! I pulled and she screamed, and I tried putting soap around it and pulling and she still screamed...all the while the finger was *not* budging. After several minutes of trying any tricks I could think of I called 911. Here they came: a fire truck, 2 police cars, and an ambulance. They tried the same tricks as me, then took the front off of the dishwasher door, but they found that the piece that her finger was stuck in was all one piece. Finally they just pulled! ARGH! I was worried her finger was going to tear off. But it didn't. She was free!

After the incident, but while all of the emergency vehicles were still there, I walked to my front door. ALL of the stay-at-home neighbors on my road were milling around whispering. How embarrassing!

Arwyn Y. said...

No funny 911 stories, but I have a 911 story nonetheless.

My dad started having heart attacks after a car accident he had when I was in middle school. He was in the middle of one when he asked me to call 911. I was very calm and to the point when I told the dispatcher that my dad was having a heart attack. She didn't believe me, probably due to the fact that I was so calm. Eventually an ambulance was sent out, and my dad was rushed to the hospital. I'd hate to see what would have happened if she just treated it like a prank and didn't send anybody out.

Just Me said...

Having spent seven long years as a 9-1-1 operator, I am highly reluctant to call 9-1-1. It isn't a lack of confidence in their abilities. I just know way too many emergency services providers to surrender my privacy (house as well as body) without REALLY good cause.

I'd also "crisis clean" before the firemen came.

Even when I thought I was miscarrying Might B early in my pregnancy, I drove myself to the hospital.

Renee - too funny!

My most absurd call (or series of same) involved a guy who blew up parts of his body in an attempt to murder someone else. The bomb exploded early, just as he was putting it into place.

Sheri said...

You should know I'd jump on this!

Let's see, I rammed a stick laterally into my foot, accidently, of course, and finished cleaning my house before I took my shoe off. I was afraid it would swell too much and I would not be able to get it finished! I was NOT not NOT going to call my own rescue squad, so I got a friend to take me to the ER. Yup.

Let's see . . . I could tell you about the guy with the fish hook through 3 fingers in his hand, because he was in the same tent as his pole and rolled over and hooked himself . . . . or the 3 year old with a severe laceration to his ahem (family friendly site!). The toilet seat fell down and squished him! Email me sometime and we can trade stories! I swear . . . answering 911 calls is 50% entertaining, 45% frustrating, and 5% true emergencies!!!

Chris H said...

NONE sorry! I have never had to call emergency services.... but a few of my kids have as littlies! Here the emergency number is 111, and a baby/toddler can easily dial it by accident.. which has happened! So then Emergency Services have to call back the house to make sure no one REALLY needs them! Derrr...

Becky said...

My 911 stories are not funny...they are terrifying.

Choking baby
Knocked out baby
Husband on his face on the floor having a "heart" nope...gallbladder attack.

not memories that I am fond of.

However, I did find it fascinating that when I thought my hubby was dying of a heart attack while I was in my robe with a two month old nursing infant, that the fire truck pulled up and they took their SWEET time getting out of the truck and walked AROUND the grass on the sidewalk (took longer) to get to my front door.

Dude...when I call 911...please cut across the grass!

:) The Maid

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Oh have mercy... I would be the one cleaning as I waited on the fire truck too LOL... and this with a cop for a son... I hear all kinds of strange things on the radio...thankfully only 911 calls i have made were while at work or being a witness to a car wreck or something like that.
HUGS laura

Just Me said...

Oh, gosh...

As Sheri said, 45% frustrating!!

Like the guy who called 9-1-1 for the PD to catch his neighbor's dog "in the act" of defecating on his lawn.

Or the guy who called 9-1-1 SEVERAL times to obtain the phone number of the pay phone he was using to page a friend of his.

And the tin-foil brigade is always good for silly calls, like the lady who heard voices in her kitchen cabinets or another who found a portion of deer antler on her yard and so insisted that someone buried an entire deer in her flowerbed.

And there was another lovely lady who often called up SCREAMING in agony, claiming she was in labor. She fooled every "rookie" dispatcher at least once.

We had another crazy guy terrorize a Tupperware lady who made the unfortunate mistake of knocking on the wrong door. I don't remember what he thought she was doing, but he chased her off his property and pursued her in his car for a mile or two before the police caught up to him. I felt VERY sorry for that lady.

claudia said...

I have never had to dial 911. Thank God! I have called the office at the police station lately to send out an officer, cause it wasn't an emergency, but needed one of them.
I want to thank you for the warm comment, and prayers are always a welcome in my house!

Natalie said...

When I was a teenager, one morning my mom fell down the stairs and ripped the webbing between two toes. Once she finally threw enough shoes at the wall to wake me up and I came to see what was going on, she passed out. I SLAPPED MY MOM IN THE FACE TO WAKE HER UP! Every angry teenaged girl's dream or what? Then I called 911. They asked me all the information and I said "blah, blah, blah, 55 year old woman, fell down the stairs, foot bleeding, passed out." And she yells to me from across the entire house "I'm only 54!"
OK, like that was really important for them to know? After I hung up the phone and went back to her on the stairs she said something like "I bet you really enjoyed slapping me." and I said something brilliant like "yes".

Anonymous said...

I am a 911 dispatcher. Oh the stories I could tell (but can't)!

thislittlepiggy said...

Only for me. *Blush*

The last time was in February. I had a stroke during the night, and the paramedics took me out of the house in my nightgown and bed sheet. I made sure Jay got our bed sheet back. It was from the "good" set. LOL