Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zune Give Away

Pioneer Woman is giving away two Zunes today. You just need to say who your favorite band/singer is in the comments and then the winners will be randomly selected through a computer generator thingie-ma-bob. She wrote about some of the music she's been downloading on her Zune and the memories they brought back for her. She said she was crying over the fact that John Denver is gone and it sparked a memory of mine of riding in the back seat of my parent's blue Pontiac and crying as I listened to the song Wildfire. I remember the blue upholstery with the little diamonds in it... the way is felt and smelled. I wasn't going to post any You Tube videos on my blog for a long time after that marathon of them last week... but I did not know who sang that song and went looking on You Tube for it. A guy named Michael Martin Murphy! I listened to the song again and... it is such a beautiful song! Such a sad song! So, tell me what song or songs get to you and then go enter Pioneer Woman's drawing!


Flea said...

Laright, this is going to sound silly, but Christopher Cross' song Ride Like the Wind. It consumed me in high school. Of course, I was reading ever Zane Grey known to mankind and it just seemed to fit.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wildfire is one of my favorite songs ever!
Great post!
Hugs Laura

Julia said...

"You're Gonnna Miss This" by Trace Adkins is THE song that just brings me to my knees. Lord help. I cry every stinkin' time I hear it . . . and don't EVEN talk to me about the video!


Junebug said...

Oh my gosh. I used to listen to Wildfire all the time.

Brenda said...

Oh I missed it. Story of my life. Wildfire is a great song. I don't know that I had a favorite song but I did have some favorite singers - Karen Carpenter, Bobbie Sherman (Yes I am not ashamed to admit it. Well a little embarrassed) Ann Murray and John Denver.

Debra W said...

Hi CB,

We are big Springsteen fans and grew up on his music. There are many Springsteen songs which can bring me back to any decade from now throughout the 70's in a flash!


Carin said...

I always love listening to MMM, he is one of the greats. Yes, I miss John Denver too. I love all of his hits but I think Matthew is one of my favorites (it seems to be overlooked by most in favor of his bigger hits) but so many of his songs are in my memory. Thanks for getting Wildfire stuck in my head (no sarcasm).

Becky said...

I remember John Denver on road trips with my parents...yes, I am that old.

"Grandma's feather bed!" That was a hoot.

Oh, and of course I remember the Steve Martin stand up comedy tapes we'd listen to. Probably not appropriate, but I remember his bit on the "turd museum."

It is classic, you must listen to it.

thislittlepiggy said...

Dwight Yoakam. SIGH.

noble pig said...

Darn, I missed that contest!