Saturday, May 31, 2008

Recurring Nightmare

Do y'all ever have recurring dreams or nightmares? When I was a kid I had one where I could fly... actually I kept having that dream well into my teens. I've also had the dreams where I am falling throughout my life but not so much anymore. Oh, and ones where I was being chased and couldn't scream.

I also had a recurring nightmare where I had to go back to high school because some mistake had been made and I really shouldn't have graduated. Thankfully, I stopped having that nightmare when I stopped homeschooling my kids.

Oh! and there's the one where my teeth just start falling out. That one is always very disturbing.

But lately... ugh. I keep having this nightmare where I am stuck in public restrooms. Often times it is like a locker room with many stalls... but other times it is like a store or movie theater restroom. I really need to go but I can't find a stall clean enough. I'll spare you the details of what all I see and smell ... but when I turn to leave I find that I'm locked in... It is a very bad dream... tossing and turning and sweating kind of bad dream. And so you know, I have always avoided public restrooms to the point of not drinking anything while I am out and about. I will use them if I have to... but I really try to stay away from them as much as possible.

Anyone out there know what dreams mean? Do any of y'all have recurring bad dreams? I am so tired of this current nightmare! AARRUUGGHH!!!


Just Me said...

The dream of teeth falling out is common. I forget what it means.

My current recurring dream invovles trying to get to a job and not getting there for some reason or another. I keep calling and saying I'll be there in ten minutes, and then something else goes wrong. Even more confounding is that sometimes I arrive at the job only to discover that I am buck nekkid, and now I have to figure out how I'm going to get clothing without being noticed before I do.

I had a horrible dream a few weeks ago where I never bothered to get my son at preschool, and I didn't discover my error until several hours later. In my dream the school never bothered to call anyone, they just passed my son off to some out-of-the-way daycare center, and I had to fill out all sorts of paperwork before they'd let me take him home.

I woke up TIRED from that one.

Kathy said...

No recurring dreams here.
I'd be really afraid to have that bathroom one analyzed though. Maybe you should check out a book on dreams or google dreams, I feel old fashioned now just even mentioning a library. I need to go get back to work. Check my blog this evening... I've been busy.

Flea said...

My husband, for years, wouldn't use public restrooms. He's gotten better about it.

No clue what it means. yes, I've had my share of recurring dreams, though not for years. Horrific ones when the kids were babies. Therapy helped a lot. Seriously. It's probably related to either your voice or your daughter, though, and some fear you're not really looking at squarely. I know there's a lot going on, so stuff falls through the cracks and shows up in dreams.

Chris H said...

I TOO share the nightmare about all me teeth falling out!!!! Had one just the other night.... wierd.

Carin said...

Wow, I have never heard the one about teeth falling out, interesting.

I have a recurring dream where I prepare and prepare to play a soccer game with an old friend and something always prevents me from playing - no cleats, shinguards, can't find the field. I always wake up so disappointed.

Becky said...

I hate the kind of nightmares that when you wake up and realize it was a nightmare and try to go back to sleep, the horrible thing starts right where you left off! Ugh.

I also had horrible ones while I was daughter being born with dog fangs, one where I was pulling the clothes out of the dryer and found an infant, and then the one where the whole back yard was nothing but snakes. Ick.

I fly in my dreams like I am swimming. And I have also had the dream where I am being hurt by someone or something and can't get a scream out. It is awful!

Try not to eat anything before bed and avoid dairy and sugar a few hours before bed...I know that helps me.

Dr. Maid

Brenda said...

I'm going out on a limb here. I googled and found this

It has dream interpretations. I have no idea if they know what they are talking about.

thislittlepiggy said...

Old folks say that, if you dream of your teeth falling out, you're talking too much. Gossiping.

Not that you are... It's just what I've always heard. ;o)

My recurring dream is that Jay is back on the road trucking and won't come home. Wonder what THAT means? Gack!

Natalie said...

I have no problems with public restrooms in real life but I have that same dream as you about them (minus the tossing and turning and I don't get locked in). I had one just this morning and it was AFTER I had gotten up and gone p and gone back to bed.

I have 7 dreamcatchers hanging over our bed so the kids and I never have nightmares. I used to fly a lot in my dreams - had a blast doing it!

noble pig said...

I have no idea what it means except you might feel trapped in a situation right now.

The teeth falling out made me crack up. Sorry.

MUD said...

I can remember my dreams quite vividly and have some real strange one's. There is always one point in my dreams where I either drink a beer or smoke a pipe (neither on I really do now) and at that point turn my dream into a fun adventure. I would not worry about the content of your dreams as much as the phobias you have when you are awake. If you have trouble with public restrooms, carry one of those little packets of handy wipes and give the facilities a good going over then go. I know, men don't have to sit down or they wouldn't tolerate the filth as much. After a year in Vietnam where there were few if any facilities I just don't have that problem now. MUD

Coffee Bean said...

Y'all crack me up. I did some poking around... I wasn't real comfortable with most of the dream interpretation sites... kind of in the mystical/psychic realm...

Anyway, the teeth falling out is very common and is supposed to be from some sort of insecurity.

The flying is a sense of freedom or something like that (I read this all yesterday so I might not have it exactly right).

As far as I can gather... the being trapped in the bathroom, the visuals that go along with that, and my needing to go... could mean I am trapped in a crappy situation that I really want to let go of. I also read that if you dream that you need to go that you actually need to go and nothing more.


I had horrible nightmares when I was pregnant and after I had each child. After my first, I would actually wake up screaming. I was afraid someone was going to kidnap her. Must be the hormones.

OKGardners said...

Hi, if it is any comfort to you - we all share a lot in common with certain dreams.

I have had the "teeth falling out" dream, the "get to school or work and discover I'm in my pajamas and I'm usually either barefoot or in big fluffy houseshoes and hope no one notices" = PLUS, I've had the "flying dreams which is more like swimming in the air in the room." So I guess we are all nuts while we sleep!

There isn't a good way to know WHY we dream what we do and no way to control or stop the dreams ... it is just our minds being busy while we are resting, I suppose.


Flea said...

My ugliest ones while pregnant involved violent deaths of pets. After the births, death of the kids. Really, I had to deal with some abuse issues for those to go away. hate the death dreams with a passion.

Karen Deborah said...

you kill me. OK I think that the bathroom thing is that you need to wake up and use it.
I used to dream I couldn't get across streets because of heavy fog and heavy legs. I also had flying dreams and had one very recently! First time since I was a little kid. My adult nightmares involved showing up to some college class for the final and it's my first time in class, or losing my retainer, or teeth falling out (see we are all weird) and one of my more favorite kinds of dreams has always involved architecture and cool buildings and staircases,...
As for public restrooms, get over it go on a mission trip and pee in a hole in the ground. Life is to short to worry about where a hiney sits.

Tammy said...

Hey - I'm STILL having the nightmare where I have to go back to high school and finish my senior year. I'm sure it's because I graduated early, at the end of my junior year. But can't they quit torturing me??? PLEASE???!!!

Check out the total craziness in my life:

Mary said...

Although I don't know what dreams mean, I do think that a recurring dream has a significance.

It's an interesting subject. I have a file that I have written down a number of dreams. The first one was recorded in '86. Many of my dreams are just too involved and jump from one thing to another and would be impossible to write down.

I think one of the most interesting dreams was:
I was in my living room with friends when someone shouted, "It's a tornado!" I looked up at the window and saw it coming straight towards the window in great speed and knew there was no time to escape. All of a sudden I realized everything in the room was being blown into oblivion. I found myself flying rapidly into space as a tiny speck and knew I was being ushered into eternity and was saying, "Lord, here I am, here I am!"
I woke up and so thankful that it was a dream or rather, nightmare!


Elysa said...

I've had the teeth dreams. In mine, they kind of start breaking apart. Its gross! You know, I never realized until now that other people have this dream and I've never thought to tell anyone I have this type of dream. WIERD!

I still, 20 years after graduating from college and 24 years after graduating from highschool, have some sort of anxiety dreams related to one of those institutions. The dream might be that I discovered on the day of final exams that I'd had a college class that I'd forgotten about and forgotten to attend classes for til just then. I've had dreams about the college dorm elevators being evilly disfunctioning. Etc.

Not a nightmare, but more than any other kind that I wake up and remember, I have dreams about Swaziland and Africa. In fact, the dream I was having when I woke up this morning was on that theme. I DEFINITELY know what THAT means!


Junebug said...

That is so funny about the bathroom dreams. I have had public bathroom dreams for years. I search and search for one and can't find any that are clean. They are disgustingly filthy and overrunning or sometimes in people's houses they are rocking chairs made into toilets without any pipes. You would not believe the imagination. I have told my children about these dreams. A lot of times it is wonderful beautiful mansions with crappy toilets. The other day my daughter and I went to an old mansion museum and she used the toilet and as I walked to the area where this toilet was I got this eery feeling. There were several little doors all around but only one was a toilet. It reminded me of one of my dreams. After my daughter came out of the toilet room, she said, "Mom, this is just like your dreams." We cracked up laughing. Oooooohhhhh.....

Debra W said...

Hi CB,

Maybe the bathroom dream has to do with that crazy person who was peeking out at you from the stall one time?

We all have those dreams and I am told they have some meaning, but I'm not sure what. You could probably google dreams to find out.

I used to have a dream about showing up in one of my college classes and finding out that it is the last day of class and I have to take the final. Problem is, I've never been to the class before! Not a good one!

Hoping things are well!


sea mystery said...

I used to dream that I got up one morning and all my hair was lying on the pillowcase.

Another dream involves me having this hinky feeling someone is in the room with me and getting up to turn the lights on. None of them would turn on and then I would actually wake up and wonder where I was. Then I reach up and turn the light on to make sure it would come on. I can't imagine what I would do if it didn't. Don't want to think about it. *shiver*

The last one involves me searching for a public bathroom, but all kinds of obstacles stop me from going. I actually dreamt that to get to one bathroom you had to slide through a porthole. Another was every time I opened the stall door, there was nothing behind it but a wall. I always have to go to the bathroom for real when I wake from these dreams.

Sheri said...

I've had the teeth dreams for years, but imagine my horror when I bit into a PB&J sandwich and my tooth really DID fall apart! Ugh. Not good.

Most recent/recurring dream is this. Boy #1 that I dated for 2 years was "emotionally unavailable". Boy that I dated AFTER, gave me all the emotion I craved, but then ended it with me and was married to someone else a week later. So, now I continually dream that the two of them show up at my front porch having "come to their senses" and telling me to chose between them. I have a smart subconcious though, and most often it ends with me saying, "I chose my dog" and slamming the door shut!

Lori said...

Ok...I thought I was the only one who had the dreams about flying and my teeth falling out. Funny thing, I still have the one about flying. It has been a while since I have had the teeth falling out. I am obessed with keeping my teeth in good health, because of this.

Katie said...

I have the teeth falling out dream too. Yup, they usually break and fall out in a big bloody mess and I'm rushing to find a dentist. What I heard, though, is that it is due to teeth grinding or clenching in your sleep. Your brain interprets the clenching sensation in your teeth and turns it into a dream. I know I do clench my teeth so it makes sense.

I also have the flying-like-swimming dream. Only I'm usually doing the back-stroke! Weird.