Thursday, May 15, 2008

Need a Laugh?

Anita Renfroe, Women of Faith Speaker.

Also, check out April's post from yesterday. What a HOOT!!!


Flea said...

That's HILARIOUS!!! Thanks! Fortunately, I can't smell anything right now. :)

Kathy said...

Both the video and the link were funny. Always good to start the day with laughter. Well I'm off to the garage again! Thanks for the motivation.

zobabe said...

AHHH! So funny!!! Thanks!

April said...

Thanks Coffee Bean! How sweet of you to send me some traffic. I saw you comment on the anti-Christian guy's post. Very well written. I realize it's his blog, but I just think he's making judgments about people in the same way he is accusing us Christians of making unfair judgments. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black, you know? And I have a really hard time believing he lost his faith over a cat. A CAT. I love animals too, but come on. Now stop reading blogs and get back to the basement! :)

Trisha said...

Thanks for the humor! I needed it today - I haven't been sleeping well and so am not my normal "perky" self!

Also - I read your hint about how to get spaces in your post (darn Blogger!). It worked! Thanks!

Becky said...

Totally feel you on the cow thing.

I actually feel like a less attractive version of Shrek.

I've often bummed about when those weight loss commercials come on because I only wish I looked as good as the BEFORE pictures! ;)


Too funny.
I'm with April, get back with that basement or we will have to call Extreme Home Makeover.

Wait...maybe you should make it look worse so that we CAN call EHM!

The Maid

AmusedMomma said...

Too funny cuz it's got lots of kernels of truth!

Karen Deborah said...


thislittlepiggy said...

LOVE Anita! I also enjoy Chonda Pierce.