Thursday, May 8, 2008


Milo is our next door neighbor's dog. He is a little Jack Russell Terrier. The summer before last, T came over to see if we would take care of Milo for a month. He was going to join his wife, C, in California who was in the process of bringing her elderly parents back here to live with them. Of course, we agreed and were happy to do so.

Our neighbors moved into their home a couple of months after we moved into ours. They have four boys with their youngest being the same age as our oldest. One New Year's Eve we were all invited to another neighbor's party. This couple has three boys that are all grown with families of their own. Most of our neighbors are quite a bit older than we are. So, we went to this old people party. We played games. And we got to know one another. It was all going swimmingly until C told me that when our kids picked up our dogs' poo they just chucked it over the fence and into their yard. Nice. I didn't tell her her kids smoked in the backyard and flicked their butts into our yard and said bad words. I also learned at that party that C made homemade dog treats for Milo but that one time her sons ate them.

T doesn't really like Milo. He only tolerates him because everyone else loves him. One time we saw Milo running back and forth while the boys threw snowballs at him. They had drawn a bulls eye on his side with colored magic markers. I'd hate to think what they might have done had they not liked him.

T and several of the boys took off at 6 am on a week day. At approximately 6:01 am, Milo started screeching. Yes, he screeches. It is loud and horrible and he just doesn't stop. He makes those noises every time he's not let back in the second he wants to be. We did not know what to do. Eventually, he quieted down. Double Shot and I went over there later in the morning and could not find him anywhere. I started to worry that maybe he stopped screeching because he ran away. Later that day, I went over again and was in their garage... I turned around and he had crept up behind me and was staring at me. It was pretty creepy. I talked to him soothingly but he ran out the doggie door into the backyard.

Milo was so distraught at being left alone that he would have these episode of screeching that would go on for an hour or more at a time. One day after T left, people started banging on my door. They all wanted to know if I knew where T was and what was up with his rotten dog. Suddenly that month looked like it was going to be an eternity. And it was. One of our neighbors even called Animal Control. We talked to the officer and showed him that he had a doggie door into the garage and food and water. The guy that called said that he'd just been left and he could see into the yard and didn't see where the dog even had water. Someone else called another time and they got some nasty notices.

Well, one night it got stormy. Milo was having a fit and it was on a level we'd not heard from him before. My husband and I went over there and thought we'd just have to bring him home with us. We hadn't done that yet because we were afraid of how our dogs would react to him on their turf. We could not get Milo to come in through the doggie door into the garage. We knew he was in the backyard... so we went into the house. He was throwing himself against their sliding glass door and was out of his mind. I thought we'd just let him in and then put him in the garage. Only, when I opened the door he ran all wild into the house and disappeared.

My husband and I went through the house searching for him. We did not know where he went... and then I saw him. He was up on a chair in their living room and he was staring at me like he had when he sneaked up on me in the garage a couple of days before. I felt bad for him because I knew he was scared and he didn't understand why his people were gone. I went over to him and talked to him soothingly. He seemed to ease up a little so I reached toward him to pet him. He let me and after a few moments I went to pick him up so we could take him home with us.

Oh. My. Lord.

That dog turned into a little devil and bit my wrist and then... he... bit my Hoo Hoo! Then he ran off again. Both my husband and I were shaken. We decided devil dog could just stay in the house and we went home. He had broken the skin on my wrist and you could already see a bruise developing. I went into the bathroom and, amazingly, my under britches had holes from his teeth, he had broken the skin and I was bleeding but... there were no holes in my sweat pants. Is that not bizarre?

Well, the remaining 3 weeks we let the dog stay in their house and just went over there to let him out several times a day. He and Double Shot came to an understanding. To this day, when he is out he will come say Hi to Double Shot. However, me and my Hoo Hoo stay far away.


Julia said...

Oh Lordy mercy! That was funny, I don't care who you are! LOL . . . though you probably didn't think it was too funny. :)

Since you're writing about your hoo-hoo, come see what I wrote about mothers, privacy, and shopping at Victoria's Secret.


P.S. Love your blog!

Brenda said...

LOL. You know. I am not a Jack Russell fan. They are little wild men. Funny story though. Hope your hoo hoo is ok.

MUD said...

My sister decided that her husband needed a dog after all the big outdoor dogs finally went to doggy heaven. They had a friend that was moving out of the US and they took home a Jack Russel. Ernie is one big muscle that will play fetch and fight for hours. One day I gave him the rope with a big knot on each end. I held on and he shook it to get it away. I did not relax and let my arm shake and her hurt my elbow so bad that I almost went to the hospital. Later on, a bob cat or coyote moved in to his neighborhood and he got chewed up pretty bad. Before those wounds healed, he found a big copperhead and got bit. That little fur ball has cost my sister well over a grand in vet bills and has been bit so many times that the Vet is afraid to give him any more anti venom. As you can probably tell, I am not a fan of Jack R's even if they don't bite my hoo haw. (do I have a hoo haw or a thingy?) MUD

Coffee Bean said...

Well MUD... at our house, the girls have a Hoo Hoo and the boys have a Willa Donker. Mr. Macchiato says that if devil dog had crunched on his willa donker it would have been the end of him.

Kathy said...

I call them Jack Russell Terrorists. hoo-hoo? Too funny.
I had a client once, said something was wrong with his dog's 'deal', what the heck is a 'deal'? Finally after a bunch of questioning, I figured it out, but cruely went on pretending I was confused 'til he said the 'P' word.

OKGardners said...

Isn't it horrible when an animal is so paranoid that they MISS the ones who mistreat them? Poor dog is really mixed up. Sorry he hurt you while you were trying to help him. He sounds like a mental case.

Stay Away from him !!!!

Betty in Oklahoma

Karen Deborah said...

If a dog bit my hoo hoo I'd get the last ha ha when I shot with somethin. I mighta had to get even.
It's a bummer when dogs have such bad seperation anxiety. You really can't just leave them to go on a trip. If you have to they could use a little prozac. bet you could use a little somthin with how bad that must have scared you.