Saturday, May 10, 2008


In the state of Colorado you have to have your driver's permit for one year before you can get your license or be over 18. We did not let our girls get their permits until last year which meant they were both 18 before they got their licenses. Frappy just turned 18 on May 1st and she got her license on May 6th.

I was backing her car out of the garage for her (she's been driving mine) when I heard a squelching sort of noise. I stopped and Frappy looked all under the car. She said she thought she saw one of Double Shot's basketballs but she didn't know where it went. I continued but the sound was still there. I got out and took a look. The ball was wedged on the front passenger side.

Frappy got an old knife after we tried to push it out and it wouldn't budge. She stabbed the basketball to let the air out so we could push it free.

Good thing she used an old knife!

As if one morning at the DMV this week wasn't enough... Double Shot and I spent the afternoon there yesterday. We are letting him get his permit now so that he can get his license as soon as the year is up. This makes Frappy mad. She thinks he should wait until he is 18 too. If we knew then what we know now, we would not have made the girls wait so long.
So, I, of course, forgot to bring a book. We were there for hours and had nothing to do but watch people. Not a good thing to do with Double Shot. His observations always make me laugh. Even if he doesn't say what they are... the look in his eyes and expressions make me laugh. The absolute funniest things we saw/heard was the two guys sitting right next to us. They were good looking teens but of the slouching sort. One of them was on his cell phone and this is what he said, "Dude, Steve and I are at the DMV dude. Yeah. Dude, he spent too much money next door and he's three dollars short to get his license dude. Can you bring him three dollars dude? No, dude, if we leave we'll have to wait for like another 2 hours dude. Whatever dude." Then, he would call another person. The third try was apparently the charm. I was going to give them the three dollars if he got called but didn't want to tell them as they were our entertainment.
When it was finally our turn and Double Shot had taken the test and passed we found out that he could NOT get his permit. A new law went into affect on April 23rd of this year... just DAYS ago... and he has to have a certificate from a completed driving program before he can be issued his permit. Double Shot was crushed. We went to the Driving School next door and signed him up for later this month. He was NOT happy AT ALL.
Ugh. AND... Why won't blogger let me have spaces between my paragraphs after a couple of photos??? It lets me after the first two... why? WHY!?!?!


Karen Deborah said...


RANGER said...

Blogger seems to be having some issues ... sooo it isn't just me, then.

Mabunny said...

Hmmm, good thing you got the basketball out:)) gratz frappy on getting your license.
Have a great Mother's Day weekend!

Angie said...

That occasionally happens to me with Blogger. When it won't let me have paragraph breaks, I create an invisible character between paragraphs. (Type a single letter or character, then make the font color white).

What a bummer about losing your book (few posts back). Every few days I upload the latest version of my book-in-progress to Google Docs. That way if my computer goes on the fritz, my stuff is accessible from the Google server from any computer.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Joshes Law? Has it made it nation wide? I know in Georgia you have to carry a permit a year and a day before you can get your liscense or be 18. Josh was a kid here in Georgia who was killed in a car wreck several years ago and his father (martha and I met him at a driving class) has really worked hard to pass this law in hopes of preventing any other parents going through what he has gone through with the loss of his son.
Hugs Laura

Coffee Bean said...

Thanks Angie! I typed in an "a" where I wanted the breaks and put it in the same color as the background. That worked wonderfully! I really appreciate the tip!