Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Hope Y'all are Having a Wonderful Sunday!

It is a beautiful day here! Just fAbUlOuS, I must say!

I'm definitely starting to feel the pressure as I look around at all I want to accomplish this week before all the relatives that are coming descend on Thursday and the girls graduate on Friday!

I am so excited!

So, what have y'all got going today and this coming week?


Mabunny said...

I have a baby shower to go to in about 30 minutes. Then I will start crocheting YOUR BLANKET!!!!
Got the yarn and everything:)))
Will keep you updated on progress!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

went shopping and working on year 2...and gardening... and hummm need to be sorting and getting rid of JUNK... and and and LOL
Have a great day its beautiful here too!
hugs Laura

Karen Deborah said...

bicycles, this fat bottomed girl went for two laps around the lake on Piglet's cruiser. the seat is too low, it was hard to get a good momentum going but I broke a sweat. Yoga in an hour. Church was good except for our pastor is leaving, what a shock.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You are now warning people about my QUESTIONABLE blog content!! I'm so happy - that must mean I'm edgy!! And exciting!!

And any publicity is good publicity, right?


And btw, a few dangling berries never hurt anyone!! (well, except maybe that man!)

Hallie :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...
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Flea said...

Oh girl. It's the last week of school, and my last week before starting a new job. And it's PACKED!

Becky said...

What I plan on doing this week is recovering from the weekend by smoking pot, going to Barbados with Raul the poolboy, and making love on the beach for hours with no regard for the sand in my bum slice.

Then I woke up and started folding laundry.

The Maid