Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Wonderful Wednesday!

Yeah, it is one wonderful morning here at Casa de Cafe', let me tell you! The sounds of thundering footsteps, banging of bathroom doors, hollering over shampoo... yes, SHAMPOO. Oy. Teenaged children are such a JOY.

Hey, y'all remember my Dirty Little Secret? The one where I posted pictures of my disgraceful basement and gave myself a deadline to get it cleaned up... and then moved my deadline? Yeah, well it is now a DIRTY BIG NOT A SECRET. Those rotten shoemaker fairies never come round here. What's up with that?

So... instead of my routine of the last couple of days... Stare, Blog, Stare, Stare some more, Blog, etc... I am actually going to try to do something around this house. Did you just hear Mr. Macchiato laugh? IF I actually accomplish anything of note... you can bet I will be back later to let you know!

Why the picture of the cow? That is what I feel like today. Just so you know.

Have a Great day!


Trisha said...

LOVE the cow! It feels like a good Wednesday kind of picture!

Good luck with the basement! I know how those kinds of jobs sort of wear you out physically and mentally! I will be cheering you on from here!

Elysa said...

But what an adorably SWEET cow!!!

Pioneering in PA said...

I will be cheering you on while I clean up my camper, season begins tomorrow and I'm tired of the 1 hour here, 2 hours there that we manage to try and get it cleaned up!

I feel like a cow today too.

OKGardners said...

Hello! Have you ever attempted to follow FLYLADY? She puts FUN into the cleaning routine. Look at to find out how to get started and stay organized and have FUN in the process. Best wishes, Dear. BTW, the cow is precious ... just as YOU are!

Love you! Betty in Oklahoma

Kathy said...

If you are gonna feel bovine today, at least you picked an adorable one! I was wondering how your goal was coming along. I need to post an update on my goals also. Turn on the music and clean away!

Karen Deborah said...

beyouteeful cow, what eyes, what eyelashes. I'm glad your feeling beyouteeful because you are! Your basment was a pretty big project. I'm wanting to plan the dining room but my back is killin me I'm wondering if I might have a kidney stone or something. It's not my usual ice pick in the low back. I like days where I don't do anything. Every now and then a girl needs one. Pajamas and chocolate covered banana chips.

Karen Deborah said...

ps thanks for the good questions, I enjoyed them.

Renee in Seattle said...

That is so funny, because I feel like a cow too!


Debra W said...

CB, you are too cute, and you always make me smile! I am the ultimate procrastinator. Even before I became ill, I could figure out a thousand different reasons why housework needed to come AFTER all of the fun stuff was finished.

I often think about what everyone says about what comes to mind as we will, someday, approach the end of our lives. We won't be wondering why we didn't spend more time cleaning and organizing. It will be about the truly important stuff. Whenever I start to get on myself about not being able to get more accomplished, I quickly remind myself of that.

Thanks for popping over and saying hi! I am doing well, as I hope you are too.

Hugs and love,

Brenda said...

Actually, before I read why the cow was there I thought "What a pretty cow!" So you must feel pretty today. : ) With 3 teen sons in the house I prefer the smell of shampoo and soap to....what I usually smell.

April said...

You are much prettier than the cow. Not that the cow isn't a beauty, but you know what I mean. I am still pondering a date for my DLS - otherwise known as my office. I told my husband about you. He thinks we should fly you here so you can properly train me. He's a gem. He just wants to get out of helping.

Loved your Mother's Day post and the one about singing. They brought tears to my eyes and a whole new appreciation for the things I take for granted. My husband's uncle makes us sing Christmas Carols before presents on Christmas Eve. My LEAST favorite part of the evening. I don't think I will ever think about it in the same way. This year (7 months from now?? Already??) I will sing loud enough for you too. Oh there's gonna be some bleedin' ears my friend!!

Thanks for the heart smiles. :)

Chris H said...

I TOTALLY love that cow, she is gorgeous! I like cows.... they are gentle animals.

thislittlepiggy said...

I have a soft spot for little brown cows. Moo. I mean, oink. LOL

Blew my template up, but thing I have it all put back together. Now I'm playing catch up with everyone.