Thursday, May 8, 2008

For E.L. in Greeley!

My laptop up and quit this weekend. We found out today that the hard drive is shot and I've lost everything. This is a blow because I've been attempting to write a book and everything was on it... and I did not back it up. It'll be okay though.

Anyway, you have very much been on my mind and I am praying for you, your Dad and your family. Your e-mail address is in my laptop... If you read this, please e-mail me so I can get your e-mail address into this computer (the horrid desk top in the basement... the basement that is still a mess).

And... anyone else that reads this, if you feel led, please pray for E.L. They recently found out her father has cancer and there is a lot going on. E.L. has SD like me.


ecolo said...

Will get back to you later - gotta go get my hair cut and check car brakes.
Enjoying sprinkles in your city? We've got them here.

Karen Deborah said...

You lost all your writing? That is a tragedy! I'm backing up my stuff tomorrow. we've got one of those portable G drive chippy thingies.
I am so sorry. Horrible. You really ought to have your voice back so you can YELL about losing all your work. If it ain't one thing it's another.

Flea said...

That first comment from ecolo? I glanced and saw, "Gotta go get my brakes cut" - hate when that happens.

I am SO SORRY that you lost your book. I don't back up either. I frequently email drafts to myself though.