Thursday, May 1, 2008

DLS Update: Little Fairies? Anyone?

I'm plugging along but it is slow going.

Why is it I always make a bigger mess when I clean? I was excited to find some things that I'd been looking for. I thought they were in our storage unit and had gone out there a couple of times to look for them (pictures and blankets) but they were here in the basement all the time. And... yes, we have a storage unit... which is another Dirty Little Secret that needs taking care of.

Ahhhh... Spring in the Rockies. Gotta just love a May 1st snow storm. Ugh.

Good thing I restrained myself and did not plant flowers in my planters yet.

Yup. A very good thing.


Pioneering in PA said...

My eyes are crossing just looking at that snow! I don't care to see it again for a LONG time!

MUD said...

In 1969, I was assigned to Fort Carson in February as I returned from Vietnam. It snowed on us in June one week prior to the 4th of July. I had a low grade fever from Malaria and I hated the cold. I have always told my relatives that I wouldn't take the entire State of Colorado if had to live there. I also didn't want to ever eat rice for a year or two. Oh Well, MUD

Mabunny said...

WOW!! its in the 70s here:)) wanna come for a visit? lol. My daughter will be going toGranby , CO for a week, the end of June this summer for camp at the Y of the Rockies, she issooo excited. The list of gear we have to pack is unbelievable, planning forall types of weather.
Hope its not snowing at the end of june!!

Trisha said...


Being originally from Ohio I have experienced my share of May snowstorms! They are horrible! Just when you are thinking daffodils and tulips - WHAM - Mother Nature knocks that out of your mind!

The basement is looking good. I too make more of a mess during the cleaning process but somehow, it always works out! The empty boxes are encouraging!

Keep up the good work! You are so motivated to actually work on your basement!

You Go Girl!

Brenda said...

Oh that makes me so cold to see that snow. I am doing some spring cleaning before I start to college at the end of the month. My house is a mess now. You are right. It makes a bigger mess.

Karen Deborah said...

Looks like progress to me! Wanta see my kitchen?

Karen Deborah said...

ps why don't you send those snow picchas to somebody worried about global warming?