Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Day Paco Flew Away

Double Shot likes to eat his breakfast out on the deck when it is warm. He used to eat his breakfast with Paco on his shoulder. That all ended the morning he flew away.

Getting Paco's wings clipped can get expensive and I just don't like the way other people do it. He's usually flying again within a few weeks. So, I do it. And I do it in such a way that he doesn't fly for months. Don't feel sorry for him. He's a terrorist.

Well, we usually have some indication that he is getting close to being able to fly again but not this time. He just flew up over the house and was gone. I was still in bed and woke to Double Shot's frantic screams. The whole neighborhood did. He was beside himself. I was very conflicted. A secret hope filled me with the thought that Paco, the terrorist, was gone. It made me feel guilty at the same time. I was also very concerned for my son whose wailing and carrying on caused me to call Mr. Macchiato for some support. He was running through the neighborhood and causing quite a stir as he looked for Paco.

I quickly made some scrambled eggs, put them in Paco's dish, and rolled the cage out onto the deck in the hopes that he would come down to the cage on his own. Yes, Paco, the terrorist, eats eggs. He loves them and goes crazy whenever he smells them. Yes, he is a bird and it is weird that he eats eggs. But, that is another reason why he is a terrorist. However, this did not work.

Things began to get critical with Double Shot. He was scaring me and Mr. Macchiato was rushing home. He was so beside himself with grief that he was throwing things around. I was afraid he might hurt himself. He was also well on his way to a major asthma attack. Mr. Macchiato got home and they went around the neighborhood some more. Mr. Macchiato was very taken back by our son's reaction and went for a walk by himself as I held him pinned on the couch trying to get him to calm down. We both were afraid we were going to have to call the people in the white coats to come sedate our child and take him away. It was that bad.

As Mr. Macchiato was walking and trying to figure out what to do about Double Shot he heard a familiar squawk. He couldn't believe it. He looked up and all around and then spotted Paco when he squawked again. He was about 15 feet up in an aspen next to a neighbor's house about 1/4 a mile away. He really struggled for a bit as to whether he should ever tell anyone he saw him. But, he thought of our son and knew he had to try to get Paco. He tried to call me on the phone but couldn't get through because I was sending out a prayer request that we find the bird. Double Shot went back out and heard his Dad hollering. He was on the roof of the neighbor's house and he couldn't reach. He told Double Shot to run to the house and have me bring a rake back in the car. Double Shot grabbed a rake and we jumped in the car and raced to where Paco was. The whole time I was fully aware that Paco could just fly off at any moment.

As we came to a screeching halt in front of the house, Mr. Macchiato motioned for us to be quiet. Double Shot handed him the rake and just as he got close to Paco, he flew up another 10 feet or so. Aspens are not the sturdiest of trees and the branches can be quite thin. Double Shot was just about to turn 13 and still pretty small. Mr. Macchiato jumped from the roof and helped Double Shot into the tree. The stress of watching our son climb the tree while cooing to Paco and asking him not to fly away was incredible. I stood there praying to God that Double Shot would get him but very afraid that it was going to end in disaster.

Once Double Shot was close enough, Paco went straight to him. Double Shot then tucked him into his shirt and got out of that tree as quickly as possible. There were some pretty tense moments as he was about 20-25 ft up and the branches were flimsy. He lost his grip a few times and slid. I had visions of them falling out of the tree and Double Shot crushing Paco with his body. As they got closer to the ground we could see Paco, the terrorist, looking out of the armhole of our son's shirt. Once on the ground, we all hopped in the car like crazy people with my husband shouting at us to roll up the windows quickly. We got Paco into the house and into his cage and we all collapsed.

The whole ordeal took just under two hours but it took us much longer to recuperate.To this day, whenever we are outside, neighbors stop by to ask us about Double Shot and Paco.


Mabunny said...

wow, what an ordeal! I would freak if my bird ever flew away, I exerciseher enough around the house and such that she doens'tjust sit in her cage. Maybe the oneI had several years ago would have sat on my shoulder and notgone anywhere but not thisone,lol.

I think Paco is adorable.

Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

I about had a heart attack just reading that. I'm so glad Paco is ok. Even happier for your son.

tj said...

...Wow - what a story! I was totally engrossed in it! So happy that Paco is home and safe and that your son is happy too... That was sweet that you went thru all of that to get Paco back - you know that will be something your son will never forget and it will be a story you will one day look back on and laugh about... ;o)

...You're such a good mom and I tip my glass to Mr. Macchiato! :o) And Double Shot you must not be a half bad 'bird dad' for Paco to turn away absolute total freedom and come back to you! Way to go there kiddo - great job!

...Blessings you all... :o)

Flea said...

Ohhh. We had a similar ordeal with our Syd, but no one went into the tree. I stood under it with his cage for several hours, calling him till it got dark, but he never came down. I left the cage on the sidewalk with seed and water, door open, but he was gone.

Our house was a lot cleaner after that, though.

Karen Deborah said...

holy cow what a story! Waiting eagely for the next installment on Maggie May, the Rod Stewart dog.
You've got some great animal stories.

Karen Deborah said...

PS Daddy BB's cousin has a gray amazon that says," lemme out lemme out" when she's in her cage. Little jail bird cracks me up.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Was it the pic of the cookie with the hair that made you permanently blind? Couldn't have been the handsome man sporting that attractive blue swimsuit!

Hallie :)

Natalie said...

KJ, I've got some homeschool-to-public school questions that I'd like to ask you. Could you email me at nuzoff at austin dot rr dot com? Please?
Thanks, Natalie