Saturday, April 5, 2008

Work, Work, WORK!!!

Have you ever noticed what a strange word "work" is? Every so often a word just strikes me as bizarre and today it is that word.

So... down with the coffee and on with the WORK. What have YOU got going today?

It is going to be another beautiful day!


Brenda said...

Laundry, parenting, nurse for sick husband, and running. What work are you doing?

Flea said...

Maybe you can work the word work into your six words. :D

Coffee Bean said...

You are funny Flea!

Hey Brenda! Let's see... I did some laundry, cleaned the filter on our gizmo (expensive air purifier, son has asthma), cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the top of the fridge, cleaned out and organized several cupboards, cleaned out a bunch of candle holders and put new candles in them, moved an arrangement of fresh flowers that had some dead stuff into another vase in the hopes that the few left can eek out another couple of days, and... oh, washed a bunch of pots by hand.

We are having company after church tomorrow so I have yet to go grocery shopping, prepare food, and clean the bathrooms. I will leave the vacuuming and dusting for the morning. This means that I am going to be up late and will require a little stop at Starbuck's on my way home from the store.

Karen Deborah said...

Ummm sounds like a very productive day for ya'll! Come and clean out my cupboards to, OK? You clean and I'll place our orders at the drive through. We'll get fwench fwies.