Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a gLoRiOuS Morning!

Have ya seen it? My, my do I ever love a sparkly, sunshiny morning!

I just did a quick twirl through the blogs I like and need to pop out a wee little post so that I can turn off my computer and get on with all that needs getting on with around this house... like laundry and dishes and dusting and vacuuming and cooking. Yup, it is going to be a productive day here! It is! I already said I'm turning the computer OFF!

Yeah, I'm going to open up all the blinds... might even crack open a few windows an inch or two! Later... if it gets warmer. The clean, crisp smell of pine-sol wafting through the air... sigh. I am so in the mood to clean. If Mr. Macchiato reads this while he is at work sometime today he will likely leap up onto his desk, raise his arms to the heavens and break out into the Hallelujah chorus. And, Honey, I already put a load of whites in the washer just for you! So sorry about that whole underwear thing.

Well, I'm off! I normally listen to Abba and/or Neil Diamond when I clean. I think I'll listen to something else. Maybe some Josh Groban. I love Josh Groban. No, I better not. When I listen to him I tend to wander about mooney eyed and spend too much time twirling around. Oh... I can hear it... it's gonna have to be... Neil Diamond.

Later Gators.


Elysa said...

Yeah...I can just see Sean doing that. ;) If Jim read that on MY blog, I'm sure it would be happening...along with him breaking into Jewish dancing a la FIDDLER ON THE ROOF's Tevi! Did you ever see Jim dancing at our FIAR passover meals? What a RIOT!

Hope it IS a glorious day!!!!

Love you, sweet, sweet friend and Dancing Queen!

Kathy said...

Please come over to my house while you are feeling so inspired to clean. Please!!!!
I have an Aunt who played the Tiajuana Brass (I am too lazy today to look up the proper spelling) full volume while cleaning. As a young neice visiting, I loved to clean house with her.

Karen Deborah said...

I like to rock out when I'm cleanin. I put my Righteous Brothers Cd in yesterday, talk about mooney eyes and twirlin around, "honey where are you"?
I still have BICYLCES in my head. And umm what was so funny? I told ya exactly how to get back on a bike. You just have to hill/toe it in the lightest gear. Think "I will have firm thighs, I will have firm thighs" yunno like the Little engine that could? Well Waddaya think? Bicycles bicycles,..I want to ride my bicycle,..when you finish cleanin your house will you come over? I got this list,..
so was turnin the computer OFF your april fools joke? I'm not fallin for it.