Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So, back to my brother Buck. Not only did he come along and disrupt my life, he had to be better at everything. He kept his room cleaner, he got better grades, he was better at sports, and he was even prettier than me. He was also way more annoying. According to me, of course.

And mean. He was mean mean mean! He also always had an appreciation for the finer things in life. He would often clean his room and vacuum his way out of the door and then jump onto his bed from the doorway so as not to leave any footprints in his carpet. He would then lay there all smug and holler for me to come to his door. He would have his arms crossed behind his head and inform me that my room would never be as clean as his. He had a globe and a microscope sitting on his desk and a bookcase with glass doors that was filled with our encyclopedias. Encyclopedias I am sure he read just for fun.

When I've told my kids this story they always want to know why I didn't go stomp all over his carpet. No way would I have ever done that! He would have hurt me! And that's not how I roll anyway.

When he was in high school, we lived at the bottom of the hill that took you up to the expensive Summerset area of Bellevue, WA. We had a nice home but certainly not on the level of the homes up the hill. Many of the kids he went to school with lived up there. One evening my parents were gone somewhere and Buck was freaking out because he was going to a formal dance and needed a ride to his date's house. A bunch of kids were meeting there and taking a limo to dinner and to the dance. He had spent more time primping than a girl and was looking pretty snazzy in his tux.

My husband and I were dating and I had his 1975 Volkswagon Scirraco (sp?). This car was a total piece of crap. In fact, the driver's side door had fallen off in a parking lot not long before and my husband had had it welded back on. It would also fill up with rain so he drilled holes in the floorboard so it could drain. And it was a stick shift.

Buck waited until the last possible moment in the hopes that my parents would get home. He then allowed me and my friend to drive him up to the girl's house. He wanted me to drop him off around the corner but it had started to rain so I wouldn't do it. I was also enjoying watching him squirm. When we pulled up in front of her house there were a lot of other people standing on their huge porch, including her parents. Buck jumped out of the car and yelled at me to go. Their house was on a pretty steep hill and as he walked around behind the car I started rolling back and was afraid I was going to hit him... so I gunned it and peeled out with smoke rising behind and everything. Everyone on the porch turned to watch and the look of horror on my brother's face makes me laugh to this day. My friend and I were laughing so hard we were crying. I did not plan for that to happen. Honest. I'm not that mean. It was great pay back though.


thislittlepiggy said...

Like your blog. Nice eyebrows.

MUD said...

Never met a boy that strange. I love your stories about Buck. Did he make it to adulthood OK?
Your car story sounds like the 71 Vega I owned. In 100,000 miles it had three motors and the last time I opened the hood the rusty hinges broke and it busted the fan and water pump off the engine. I had to pay to get the salvage to take it. MUD

Coffee Bean said...

Buck is married and a very successful business man with a spectacular home. They do not have children, nor do they want them. I told him he could contribute to society by paying for my kids' college but, so far he's not biting.

We sold the Scirraco after our first was born for $500. A couple of months later we saw it on the bridge in Seattle, all souped up with neon green wipers, and being driven by a punk that didn't even look old enough to drive. We laughed and laughed. Someone else out there has some stories about that car.

Kathy said...

I love reading your stories. Makes me laugh. Your comments are always so fun too. I'm always the evil older sister in my family childhood stories. So, we dont go there much!

Trisha said...

So you have a brother like that too? My brother isn't exactly the same but boy - we are not alike! In fact, he probably says I am the annoying one!

He is the "golden child" in our family while I am the "other child." For some reason, that continues to this day!

Do you get along with Buck now?

Mabunny said...

LOL, that was a great bit of revenge. I never had any brothers or sisters to play jokes on or have some played on me. But I have a cousin thatis 11mos olderthan me, and we used to fight like sisters,hehe.

Coffee Bean said...

Buck and I get along fine now and laugh about this stuff. He is super funny. He refers to himself as, "The Big Delicious." Believe it or not, I am the quiet one in the family (and that is the way it always was and has nothing to do with my voice). Only those closest to me know that I can be funny too... and those that read stuff I write.

Karen Deborah said...

My first thought was to stomp on the carpet and run.