Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Elysa's little contest for April Fool's got me thinking. I really don't play pranks on people but I did do something that could qualify as a prank on my husband once. We didn't have any milk and we were young and poor so I used breast milk to make Mac & Cheese and then sat at the table and watched him eat it. I, of course, did NOT eat any of it. When he was done I asked him how he liked it and have laughed my butt off every time I've thought of it in the 19 years since. He, uh, wasn't exactly happy about the whole thing. He isn't particularly fond of my re-telling the story either. Sorry babe. It's a blog thing.

Mr. Macchiato, however, has played many pranks on me throughout the years. There are two in particular that stand out.

We have always had a lot of medical expenses. We've always paid them all but there have been some years when it was a real struggle to do so and took some extra time. I got a call from a guy with an Asian accent. He told me he was from one of our doctor's offices and started giving me a hard time about a bill. He said things like, "You no pay bill, you pay now!" I got all nervous and told him that my husband handled all of the bills and asked if I could have him call him back. It was Mr. Macchiato and he laughs his butt off every time he thinks of that one!

I never watched that show Ally McBeal, but there was this creepy dancing baby thing from the show that Mr. Macchiato kept putting on my computer as the screen saver. I had nightmares about that thing and I hated it. For months, every time I turned around it was back on my computer. I didn't know how to get it off and would have to make him take it off. I still don't know how to do that... I told y'all I am not into computers and I meant it. Anyway, a couple of times I actually jumped up and down over it and just had big ole fits. He told our friends about it and then changed the screen again so they could see for themselves when I saw it. Well, those friends showed up late one night... it was my husband's birthday and mine was the next day. They were all giddy and said they had a present for me and wanted me to open it right then. It was a battery operated dancing baby! They all laughed and laughed and laughed some more. Several months later that dancing baby found its way into our church's white elephant gift exchange at Christmas time. That made them laugh more.


Karen Deborah said...

giggle, snort,...slap,,teee heee,ha ha, ho ho, nah ah you dinnit. I'm soooooo glad your back, I love a good chuckle. hee hee,...and I knew you were foolin about cleanin all day and leaving your computer off. I ammmmmmm sooooo HOOKED! I feel like a tuna.

Coffee Bean said...

Awwww... that is so sweeeet! Thanks Karen.

And I am so cleaning!