Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

The Good Flea has tagged me! It is a pretty simple meme and I just have to answer six questions.

1. My Favorite Food: Can I answer all food? No, not really, but pretty close. I really like homemade food the best. I don't like it to look all perfect. I want it to look homemade like my Grandma's pies. I love bumpy crusted, overstuffed fruit pies that had some of the juices bubble out...oh, and sugar sprinkled on top. I love big salads with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. I love fruit but am pretty picky about the condition of the fruit. I once saw a friend eat a bruise on an apple. I've never felt quite the same about her.

2. My Favorite Colors: I like most colors. My favorite color is green though, as in green grass and green leaves. I love the smell of cut grass. I love the sound of a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves of tall trees. And I love Mr. Macchiato's and Frappacino's green eyes.

3. My Hair Color: Blond. However, as I got older it became a dark blond. Due to a patch of grey in my bangs I get a little help from a box now. At different times I have dyed my hair brown in an attempt to look more like my mom. She has always been gorgeous. So gorgeous that when I was in high school all my guy friends had to remark on what a "fox" she was. Her hair was almost black and she has the bluest eyes. Think Elizabeth Taylor and Linda Carter, only better. I also have blue eyes but my coloring doesn't lend to them popping the way hers and Chai Tea's eyes POP. I am also one of the whitest people on the planet. I glow in the dark. I also have ten million freckles. When I was in high school I thought that if I laid out in the sun, slathered in baby oil, that all my freckles would blend together and create a wonderful tan. Didn't happen. That led to two years of faithful application of the smelly porcelaina cream. I then looked like the blond bride of Dracula.

4. The Last DVD I watched: The Coward something Ford that shot Jesse James or something like that??? We had friends over that watched it with us. I think it was nominated for some Academy awards or something. It had Brad Pitt in it. I got in trouble for making disparaging remarks throughout the movie. Our guests laughed and I know they totally agreed so I don't know what Mr. Macchiato's problem was. It was long and boring. I took a nap in the middle and didn't even miss anything. Did I tell you it was a long movie? Oh my Lord.

5. Guilty TV Pleasure: That would be American Idol. Sorry. Yeah, those who watch know what I'm talkin' bout. You know I held my thumb up to my head with my fingers splayed out too. My favs are Michael Johns, Carly, Brooke, and David Cook. What about David Archuletta? Yeah, he sings real good... but... oy! That kid licks his lips all the time!!! It annoys me.

I also have to mention LOST. We were not on that bandwagon at all until last summer. We rented the episodes on DVD and then became crazed loons over it. We would stay up way too late watching the next episodes and then we would run to Blockbuster to get the next set. This season has been very difficult for us. We weren't used to waiting a week between episodes and now there is a big lag because of the writer's strike. We are actually losing interest. Until April 24 Baby!

6. If I were a tree, I would be a(n): Aspen. I love the way the Aspen leaves move. They look almost as if they are glittering. Fall is my favorite season and I just love to go drive through the mountains to see all the golden aspens. I love most trees. I don't like it when trees look stark and gnarly and scary though. That is why winter is my least favorite season.

Rather than tag other bloggers, I would like to leave this as an OPEN TAG. I don't know if there is such a thing. If not, I, Coffee Bean, hereby coin the term OPEN TAG. This means that anyone who readeth this blog and would liketh to participate is free to do so! Just let me know in the comments so I can go check it out! I'll also do a little linky love post to let others know to pop over if you do.

Have a great day everyone!


Mabunny said...

Really cute meme!
Imightanswer it at another time and Ilike the term OPEN TAG. lol.It works.

Anyway, I popped over to say that Iam holding a contest to celebrat my 100thpost. It is fun and personally i think the prize is fairly awesome.
Hope tosee you there!!

Karen Deborah said...

awhhh whas a tag? whas a meme? which way did he go George?

Flea said...

Oh what fun! I can't say I've ever seen an aspen up close. :(