Monday, April 7, 2008

Howdy Fellow Bloggers!

How are y'all this fine morning? Are you happy? Is there a spring in your step? Are you excited by the prospect of the new week before you? I'm such a morning person. Sorry. I'll be grumpy later, no doubt. It'll be around 1:30 pm and I'll get really sleepy and have to take a 20 minute snooze... only Paco will make too much noise and it won't really be satisfying and I'll have to drink coffee before leaving to pick up kids... But, for right now, at this very moment, I am looking forward to my day and this week.

I got wonderful news this weekend. My Mom & Step Dad (from Seattle), and my Dad and little Brotha (from Northern CA) are all coming to the girls' graduation! We are so happy!

I haven't seen my Mama and Step Dad in 2 1/2 years. Wow. We normally see them at least once a year. They are caring for my 94 year old Grandma and 50 year old Down Syndrome Aunt. We are going to Seattle this summer so we are going to get to see them twice in a short period of time. I've missed my Mama so!

I'm gonna see my Mama and Step Dad (who I love MUCHO!)!!! Wooooo HOOOOO!!!

My Dad flew out and surprised me on my birthday last fall. He just walked into the house with a dozen roses. I couldn't believe it! We had been working on the house all summer and had just gotten our stuff out of storage so the house was a wreck. If I'd known he was coming I would have gotten the house together. It was a great surprise! Mr. Macchiato held it together and kept the secret but I found out later that he called some friends of ours in a panic because the house was a mess and he was afraid I would be upset about it. He knew if he started cleaning I would get suspicious. They counseled him to just keep his mouth shut and not do anything he wouldn't normally do.

I'm gonna see my Dad!!!! Wooooo HOOOOOO!!!!

My little Brotha (and I got that from Desmond on LOST... I like Desmond. A lot. But not as much as Sawyer. He's my favorite) is so much fun. He's 6'10" and likes to dance and sing. He's quite talented and it's been a long time since we've seen him. He's 8 years younger than me. I remember well the day he was born and so many of his milestones growing up. I would beg my mom to let me feed him and change his diapers. I loved to have him sit next to me in the big chair and watch Flipper in the afternoons. I loved his hands. He had deep dimples at the knuckles and they were so sweet. I liked to kiss his hands. When I was in high school, my parents would make me take him places. I usually didn't mind... too much. My friends all loved him. I got in big trouble when I took him to see Vacation though. It was rated R and he was 9. He thought I was so cool.

I'm gonna see my BROTHA!!! Woooo HOOOOOO!!!

I am so excited, in case you didn't notice.


Brenda said...

You have some exciting things coming up in your life. I am so not a morning person so am not awake yet but I am still happy for you.

Debra w said...

Wonderful news! You deserve to be happy, my friend, and I am so glad to see you that way!

Have a great Monday.


Karen Deborah said...

Yeah, are both your girls graduating this year? My baby is depressed because she can't think of anyone to invite. I am really glad your family is coming that is really going to amke you feel better.

Coffee Bean said...

We homeschooled the girls through 11th grade. The school they are in is for highschoolers taking college courses. Chai Tea just recently turned 19. She is dyslexic and was held back in the 2nd grade. When we decided to homeschool the kids we decided to keep the girls in the same grade. (They are only 14 months apart) Frappacino will be 18 in a couple of weeks. We felt this would be a good way to transition them from homeschooling to college and also give them a good head start credit wise.

Karen Deborah said...


Natalie said...

'Coffee Bean'!!!! I was so sad to see you gone and this evening (5 min ago) I'm reading the comments over on CDW and saw your picture/comment and said "Hmm, that looks like 'Coffee Bean'" So I clicked on links and I must say that I am soo happy to see you back!
I'm also glad to see that you are doing a good job of keeping your head together through all of the Chai Tea business!
BIG HUG for you!!!

Flea said...

Oh how bizarre. I left a comment yesterday and it's not here. I too am glad to see you again, Coffee Bean! And to see Paco. :)