Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Fabulous Friday!

Don't y'all just love Fridays?!?! I drive my son to school on Friday mornings and I always buy him breakfast on the way. It is our Friday morning tradition. We goof around in the car and laugh. A lot. I don't know what the drivers around us think. If nothing particularly funny happens we laugh about other Friday mornings. That's what we did today.

Double Shot loves McDonald's. That is where we usually go. My voice makes going through the Drive-Thru difficult but I do it anyway. I'm lazy like that. One morning, the lady at the window had a thick German accent. As I pulled away I told my son that I thought she was from Germany, only I said it like Arnold Schwarzenegger would. He laughed and laughed and now talks like Arnold himself most Fridays.

On another day, at a different McDonald's, the gal at the window went on and on about how awful I sound (the usual response to hearing me speak) and then proceeded to go on about how she relies on her voice for her career in commercials and singing. This gal was probably in her fifties and sounded like a horse. She then, loudly and obnoxiously, told me that the trick was to drink 6 oz. of purple grape juice a day and that even if I forgot and went to bed, I should get up and go drink 6 oz. of purple grape juice a day. I smiled sweetly and thanked her for her help. As I pulled forward she kept hollering, "6 0z. of PURPLE grape juice EVERY DAY." Double Shot found the whole thing hilarious, especially since she was working the drive up window at McDonald's. This morning he got PURPLE grape juice in honor of her.

One morning we went to Burger King. We'd been talking to each other with British accents and I had declared myself to be, "The Ever Fabulous Twit." When we pulled up to the window to get our food, my son was talking and I couldn't hear the girl so I told him to shut it. Only I was still using the British accent and apparently the girl gave me an odd look that only my son saw. He laughed and laughed. When the girl came back to the window I took the food and then said, "Cheerio!" and pulled away a little too quickly, causing our heads to jerk back and hit our seats. Double Shot lost it. He likes to say, "Cheerio!" on Friday mornings now too.

Gosh, it is one beautiful morning here! We had to scrape ice from the car and the windshield fluid froze to the glass when I tried to hurry things along. But, there is some green poking up through the snow! Here and there I can see things struggling to sprout. I checked the tree in our front yard and there are buds! I am excited about it! I just love the morning. It is my absolute favorite time of the day!

God Bless!


tj said...

...Oh you two sound like fun! I wanna go to breakfast with you guys! :o) Those will be moments your son will treasure forever too!

...And don't forget the grape juice! lol...

...Cheerio! :o)

Mabunny said...

I love doing little things like that with my daughter. Little jokes and things only the two of you get... Its special bonding time for the two of us.

I keep seeing you visiting some of the same blogs I do... I like your blog and will continue to pop in from time to time. You are more than welcome to visit me at

I used to live in Chicago, but moved to Texas a long time ago, lol. But I do remember frozen windshields, snow and the like. My daughter wants to see alot of real snow, lol since we don't get much here in Dalls.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Brenda said...

Wish I could ride with you on Friday mornings! My 15 yo and I went through a drive through on Weds. I ordered Diet Coke. When she read back the order she said "Coke" I corrected her. We pulled up and they handed me a Sprite. My son and I looked at each other and just burst out laughing. They did fix it though.

Karen Deborah said...

Can I come too? sounds like too much fun. We are having a BAD storm!

Flea said...

Mornings ... I'm slowly getting used to them. Sounds like y'all make it fun. :)