Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DLS Update: Somebody Shoot Me. Please... Just SHOOT ME!

I can walk around in the storage area now...

But... it is still quite a mess and a can of stain was knocked over and leaked onto the concrete when that big pile of boxes fell. The nasty blotch is under that sheet there.

Here's Lu Lu and Benny having a grand time before I started this
little project.

This is the finished area of the basement before I started this
little project.

This is now the finished area of my basement.

This very sight makes me want to squawl.

And tear my clothing... And weep...
And eat lots and lots of chocolate.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

yes to chocolate... and I think maybe I wrote wrong it is not a blog of your brothers i read but his bulletons... they come just about daily to my my space...
do you have a my space? if so and you are on his friends then they come automatically
sorry for the misunderstanding.

Chris H said...

Hmmmm seems to me you moved lots of STUFF from one side of the basement (the messy side) to the other side (the tidy side) and NOW YOU HAVE A WHOLE BASEMENT that is messy!!!! Keep at it girl! You WILL WIN.. I am sure of it! lol I loves ya, no matter that you don't like shopping. We can't all be PERFECT... ha hah haahhahahh!

thislittlepiggy said...

Okay. I noted all the holiday trimmings. Christmas tin and paper. Rudolph. Pumpkin. fall flower arrangement. I was scratching my head over the black bunny until I realized that it was a garbage bag with a flap sticking up. Snort.

Trisha said...

Hey! You clean a lot like my husband! He seems to just move things around to make it look like there is less stuff. Of course he does pile things!

He is doing well with our garage though!