Monday, April 28, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

You see that door there? It is the door to the very bowels of my home. It is the door that I do not like to open. Behind that door are things that haunt me. Can you make out the stack of papers on top of the printer on the desk there? That all needs to be filed. It is hard to make out, but leaning to the left of the door frame is the handrail to the stairs that go up to the right. It was ripped from the wall last December when we stuffed the love seat from the living room down into the basement to make room for the Christmas tree. I haven't filed and we haven't fixed the handrail because of what lies on the other side of that door. Shall we have a look?

Oh. My. Lord.
Do you see the blue tubs knocked over on their sides? They were stacked up to the ceiling behind a cabinet and fell over. I cannot even get to taking care of things like that filing or the handrail because the filing boxes are in this mess and I cannot even open the cabinets. I don't know where all our tools are. They are lost in this storage room. I'd like to start a bit of a game here. What dirty little secrets do you have going in your home? Do you want to join me in tackling these rotten jobs?
Dirty Little Secrets
Post your Dirty Little Secret on your Blog
include your time frame for getting the job DONE
Each evening post your progress for that day
Let me know in the comments section so I can link to you
My Goal for this job is to have it done by Friday
I will be starting on it tomorrow so that will give me 4 days
Come on y'all! Let's make this FUN!!!


AmusedMomma said...

You are absolutly deluded if you think cleaning can EVER be fun! Let me come get you for a cuppa coffee and let's discuss this, shall we?

Are you ready for your nuclear fission or fusion test?

Flea said...

Girl. How did you know? Sometime this week I'll post my closet and time frame. Ew.

MUD said...

It started as a small storage room under the stairs. The dryer vent got plugged to the outside so I made a box to catch the lint and added a fan to blow the warm air out. It now stores the card tables and chairs and a lot of linty dust. I shudder to think that some day I need to get in there and clean it up. MUD

Brenda said...

LOL! Your dirty secrets look pretty organized to me!

April said...

Before reading this I had just finished going through all my jewelry. Now I need to find someone who wants to buy a bunch of tangled up necklaces and broken ear rings.

Chris H said...

I wish you luck on tidying up that lot! As for me... I have spent the last 6 months DE-CLUTTERING my house in readiness for moving.. .which still is not happening.. so... I don't have any DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS left! NONE. ZIP.... ZILCH... NADA... NONE WHATSOEVER! Tis a powerful feeling. BLISS. Off to put me feet up now.

Karen Deborah said...

My kitchen is no secret but it is a BIG mess! A time table? Are you serious?

Kathy said...

AH, this is perfect timing. I have boxes stacked in the garage since we moved in Feb. Tomorrow I will post the garage and come up with a do-able time table. Lately it has been just too easy to do more fun stuff, like roto-tilling, building fences, supervising chain-sawing!

Mabunny said...

Um, Ok I won't post pictures or anything, but I might get into this. Means more work for me, but hey, we've put it off for a long time so maybe thats enough to get my rear in gear and clean my back room. Right not it is a computer room/ throw things in there that can't find any other place room, lol.
It was supposed to be turned into a play room for our daughter, but alas has never come to that.. Maybe with all the spring cleaning I'm currently working on , albeit slowly I'll get to that room :))

I'll let you know if I do a post.

thislittlepiggy said...

Dirty little secrets? Me?

Okay. I have one. I'm just not brave enough to show it. LOL