Saturday, April 12, 2008

Come On Mama!!!

What's Up Mama?
Why Did You Put ME in here?
Don'tcha Wanna Play?
Come on Mama!
I'm loads of FUN!
I'm sorry Benny.
I've got things to do and you get in the way.

Aww Shucks Mama.
I Wanna Play but,
I Guess you just Don't Wanna.
Don't be like that Booper!
Mama loves You, Yes I do!
So, Are you Gonna Let ME out
And PLAY with ME?
No, Benny.
I've got things to do.
And, later, you are getting a bath.

What Did You Just Say to Me?


Anonymous said...

A clean Booper would only last for so long -- like til he went outside! A loosing battle, my friend, and I think he wins.

Flea said...

Poor, poor Booper. :(

Karen Deborah said...

awh let him out he didn't deserve to go to JAIL! Poor poor puppy, how could you look at those sad eyes?

Brenda said...

Look at those eyes. Poor guy.

Alison said...

too cute...poor Booper.

Grandma Legs said...

Cute pictures. Booper has grown up already -- darling. Doesn't look like Eve, Reg, or Brown -- all himself. Saw the pix where you say you have no eyebrows!! They look fine to me. If you want more, why can't you just grow them back?? I look like a werewolf when I don't tweeze mine!!