Sunday, April 13, 2008

Booper's Saga Continues...

Must you bathe me on the front porch.
in front of the whole neighborhood?
We're sorry Benny.
The utter and complete indignity of it
makes me hang my head in shame.
We said we're sorry Booper. So Sorry.
You could at least provide me with some shades.
You are so right Benny.
Your future is so bright you need sunglasses.
I can run around the house now?
You love me!
You really, really LOVE ME!!!
(oh, and hey, be on the look out for some flying pigs for me, Ok?
Apparently, Mama says some will be comin' when Daddy
gets the moulding down under the cupboards behind me!)

God Bless Y'all and have a Fantastic Sunday!


Brenda said...

You dog has such an expressive face.

Karen Deborah said...

awwhh Booper is so cute, I wanta kiss em and hug em and will he fit in my pocket? those would be some big jeans,,,,hhaaa ha. it's late I should go to bed before I turn into a dork,, whadddiidya say? What's too late?

tj said...

...I love this post and I love that dog! Whatta face! lol... :o)

...Blessings Miss Coffeebean and Booper too...