Friday, March 28, 2008

I Want to go Camping!

This picture is from a camping trip last summer. Mr. Macchiato had trouble backing our 30 ft. trailer into our spot and a nice old guy tried to help him for a bit and then finally just got in our vehicle an did it himself. Mr. Macchiato is directing him. I had to take the picture to show our RV Buddies so we could all laugh about it. I just love the old people we meet and I know that some day... Mr. Macchiato will be an old guy helping out the newbies. We've had the trailer for 3 years now but we don't get out in it quite as much as we'd like and some of those spots are real boogers.

If the weather clears, we are going to get the trailer out of winter storage and fiddle around with it. I want to clean it and pack it back up with the stuff we keep in it through the summer. I'm not quite sure why I like it so much. I sure complained a lot about camping with my family growing up. Camping with our family isn't always fun either. There's the stress of getting out the door, the stress of setting up, the stress of games gone awry, the stress of bad weather, and the stress of kids fighting. Sometimes when we are in the Great Outdoors and dealing with the down side I wonder why we do it. But then, we put it away for the winter and while I still remember the bad stuff, the good stuff keeps me going back. The camp fires, the stars, the cool mornings, the smells and the views and just being with our family. No TV. No computer. No cell phone service. I love it.

Last year Mr. Macchiato took Double Shot and a friend and his son on a Father/Son camping trip. He later took Chai Tea and Frappacino with the same friend and his daughter on a Father/Daughter camping trip. The Father/Daughter trip went fairly smoothly except for some high winds. However, the Father/Son trip was one that will be talked about for years!

Mr. Macchiato made the mistake of hooking up the battery backwards which caused fuses to blow out in the Expedition and the trailer. They were having a lot of trouble with this before figuring out exactly what the problem was which led to a couple of trips into the nearest town. On his last trip, Mr. Macchiato went by himself. Now, this other father and son are pretty laid back and calm. The son is very much into computers and is a debater. Double Shot? Well, I named him that for this blog for good reason! He is... shall we say... active? He rarely stops moving. He is an athlete. We are praying that the fact that he is also very smart will keep him from crushing beer cans on his forehead later... and what I am about to tell you caused us to redouble those efforts.

While Mr. Macchiato was in town, the other father got a campfire going. The guys had taken Lu Lu on the trip (Benny was too much to handle at that stage) and had her tied to one of our brand new camp chairs. He had gotten back and was trying to put in a new battery when there was a huge explosion. Double Shot, who has asthma, for some ridiculous reason, threw his inhaler into the fire. And it exploded. Lu Lu took off like a shot with the camp chair bouncing around behind her and hitting her, causing her to yelp loudly as she ran for her life. That was the only chair to survive. The other three chairs all had holes burned through them from the flying embers. Double Shot did not go unscathed. He had burns all over his face, arms and hand and one quite close to one of his eyes.

Yup. We must go camping soon. Definitely!


Elysa said...

Man, with memories like THAT, how could ANYONE not count down the days til the next camping trip!!!

Kathy said...

My cowboy is one of those that jumps in and backs the other guy's trailer. We love camping and all of the associated 'adventures'.

Karen Deborah said...

Daddy BB spent most of his working life as a truck driver and can back up anything anywhere. HE won't go camping because it's too much like driving a truck. We went on a trip when we first got married. I had been a hip backpacker and he a regular American kind of camper, ummnn that's not good. It's amazing we didn't get a divorce. Your story had me giggling, I get mental pictures. Good thing he didn't have fire crackers or he might have come home missing some eyes and limbs instead of a few burns. boys,...

Doris said...

I have been missing you at Laughing always helps. so glad to find you again. Wishing you the best in your struggles.